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The US version does not get the Octa Exynos. We get a significantly less powerful processor Crapdragon So if that is the case, which processor is really crap? Your understanding is incorrect. Its probably more carrier interference or trying to make the phone less expensive with a lesser processor. You should already be checked into your hotel in NY. You need to get on a plane, and get over there NOW! That is unacceptable.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Livestream Day

As a journalist blogger, he needs to make certain sacrifices. There are plenty of other technology websites you can go to. The man has a family he has to take care of. Not to mention a newborn child. Have a little bit of respect. Family first above all things. Now I will say that he could have paid somebody in the area to get coverage but being that its going to be streamed live anyways whats the point?

HTC one is the next device not the damn s4. Samsung just takes familiar apps and make there own version and put there own name on it. And the problem with the One is that a lot of people dislike blinkfeed and it apparently has bad battery life. Blinkfeed is a fail.. Yeah I feel ya. I honestly dont care about software as much as i used to because i always end up rooting and flashing MiUi on my phones anyway lol.

Dude, i own a Vibrant, GS2, and the Note 2. Do u even own an HTC phone?

Watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 live stream here [video] - TmoNews

I love my Note 2, but compared to my One S, it feels so damn cheap. Guess what? Every high end phone from now on will be very similar to each other. I prefer a metallic body over plastic any day. My cuzo has the Nexus S and she keeps bugging me about selling my One S to her. So yea, u can look past the plastic and u bash ppl that cant.

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Jeez I hate self- righteous people. I do care about performance. The quad-core processor on my Galaxy Note II is far smoother. Battery life has been better for me on my Samsung devices than on my HTC devices by leaps and bounds. Touchwiz is tolerable.

These are the things that are important to me. Here is to hoping for it. No, they wouldnt waste their time updating the old device like that, because the design is clearly different.

Watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 livestream here

Am I the only one who likes the design of the s3 here? I mean seriously, the thing looks good and it works! Why drastically change a design that works, I believe in tweaking it but Damn people yall cry about everything. As for compairing htc to Samsung, you must be trolls or not know htc to well. Sence 5 is Windows Phone 8 for crying out loud!

Seriously people if your doing honest comparisons than DO IT! And stop crying like in disciplined little girls.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Announcement Live Stream & Live Blog

Sooooo ironic cuz u sound like a 9yr old lol. How do people like u not understand that u sound like hypocrites when u make posts like this!? Are we not allowed to? Should we just stay silent when a new product releases so we dont hurt your feelings? Going from the S2 to the S3, I really liked the design.

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Someone also finding these things unimportant in their phone purchase does not make them a troll or ill-informed. I know panttherlady. I actually like the design of the one minus the front glass with speakers. But to each there own. The day is the day. We have the Galaxy S4 live stream embedded at the bottom of this page, which currently features a countdown clock until the event begins promptly at 7 p.

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Samsung also will have live stream page for Unpacked , which features a live-updating comments system and Instagram feed. While last year's Galaxy S3 was the most popular smartphone Samsung has ever released, the company hopes to top its predecessor with with a faster, more efficient, more vibrant and yes, even slightly larger Galaxy S4.

Updated at 7: It looks like Samsung is following its own formula from when it transitioned from the S2 to the S3: Make the screen a little bigger, but the phone a little thinner. The Samsung Galaxy S3 measured Furthermore, the 4. The event has finished and we still don't know the processors of the Galaxy S4.

Updated at 8: Of course, phone speed means nothing unless the handset can actually establish a quality connection, either over Wi-Fi or cellular bands. Speaking of videos, the Samsung Galaxy S4 features a powerful megapixel camera -- compared to the 8-megapixel camera from the Galaxy S3, which was no slouch either -- and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera.

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