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The site highlights new artists every day, so it's a great way to discover new additions for your playlist. It's a combo radio-social networking site with nearly endless features. It also offers a community where you can share tunes you like and discover what other users who share your tastes are listening to. Epitonic 's tagline is simply "the center of sound" and is home to "thousands of free and legal carefully curated MP3s. You don't have to register to download. Simply navigate to a selection of songs or run a search. With one touch of the button, you're ready to enjoy a diverse array of songs, old and new.

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The site also is adorned with featured playlists, exclusive label releases, and music articles that will guide you to many new discoveries. Artists can upload their music and offer it to fans, who can download to their heart's content. It's an excellent way to discover new music directly from the talented artists who created it. Whether you're into folk or hardcore, electronic or country, there's a lot to choose from. Soundowl is a free music download site that features songs in nearly every genre you can come up with: It also offers tons of instrumentals, in case you're looking to bust a freestyle.

The interface is clean and minimalist.

The free, easy and legal way to build your music collection

Just plug in the name of a song or artist you want to experience and it returns a list of tracks. You can browse by genre or hit shuffle to randomize your selection and enjoy the surprise. SoundOwl promotes itself as an artist-friendly site. To keep the site legal, it's partnered with Copyseeker to catch and remove copyright violators.

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Soundcloud is a blessing for music enthusiasts. Not all the songs on the website are downloads, but a huge number are available with the click of a button. The site boasts a clean streaming interface, a great community, and more free stuff than you can consume in a lifetime. Like many sites, Soundcloud offers both Android and iOS apps if you prefer your freebie on the go.

Whatever your project, from YouTube videos to amateur films and games to office presentations, this is an excellent source. Unlike many sites, Incompetech is basically a one-man machine. Founder Kevin MacLeod explains the philosophy behind giving away his music for free: I believe that copyright is badly broken, so I chose a license that allows me to give away the rights I wish to surrender.

If you decide to use any of the songs for commercial purposes, be sure to give ownership credit. Bandcamp is chiefly a way for independent artists and small labels to get their own storefront, find new audiences and earn a living from their work, but some have chosen to make tracks available to download free. Bandcamp looks great and is a pleasure to use; it's what MySpace aspired to be but never achieved. Each artist has a custom page featuring a biography, discography, song previews, and reviews — all high quality and genuinely useful.

For finding new music, check out Bandcamp's tags. Not only can you look for tracks in a particular genre, you can also narrow down your options by location. There's a heavy focus on the UK and US, but you'll find a decent selection of music from Asia and continental Europe too. Tracks are downloaded in MP3 format, and you can choose to receive email updates from the artist if you like.

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Keep on reading to learn more about these sites. SoundCloud SoundCloud is free and offers the largest collection of songs to hear online for free. You can stream as many songs as you want but in addition to streaming, SoundCloud also lets you download songs for free but not all the songs can be downloaded.

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If the uploader has allowed downloading of their songs only then you will see a download button right below the song. Just click on it to download the song on your device and enjoy your favorite music offline.

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SoundCloud is available as an app on both Android and iOS platforms. There are numerous third-party SoundCloud apps available for Windows Phone as well.

Jamendo If you want to browse through a large collection of indie songs or cover songs performed by aspiring singers then Jamendo is the perfect place for you. Many top class singers have uploaded their work on this royalty free music site and you can easily download any songs that you want with just a click. As of January , Jamendo has more than , songs available for download making it one of the largest music library in the world.

You can download as many songs as you want via the service and listen to them offline. Unlimited use of downloads, radio, and streaming ensures that you never run out of great songs ever. The Android and iOS apps for the service will launch soon.

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  5. Amazon MP3 Amazon is the biggest online retailer offering a wide variety of products on the web. However, Amazon has also started offering digital products such as games and even songs. Amazon MP3 also offers free songs for download directly from their website or their mobile apps.

    Amazon Music has more than 46, free songs available at the time of writing this article which makes it one of the largest legal free music repositories on the internet. PureVolume is a community of music lovers. Artists can signup and upload their music on the site and listeners can help the artists by downloading or listening to their songs and upvoting them.

    Each artist has their own profile with their basic details, music, and photos. Most of the artists on PureVolume have downloads enabled so you can enjoy great music for free. You can get free covers and remixes for the most popular songs as well. PureVolume is only available as a website and there are no mobile apps available for the service.

    NoiseTrade Thousands of amazing songs performed by great artists from around the world are available for free on NoiseTrade. NoiseTrade is a social network for music lover and book enthusiasts. It lets artists upload their songs for free and fans can download the songs without having to pay a single dime. If you like a certain song then you also have the ability to tip the artist a few bucks for their great work.

    NoiseTrade connect the artists with their fans to build a large audience for the upcoming talent.