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Jan 22, One day at I at my home I am taking movie from my wife's mobile from bluetooth, and it is taking alteast one hour, that time my elder son came to me and asked me that what are you doing daddy. So I just told him that I am transferring the movie from your mumy's mobile phone by bluetooth, that Comments 2. Dec 26, Hello Mouthshutians, my name is zana and I am writing this review to share my thoughts and experience with you about Flash Transfer. As Flash Transfer works on the same principle using thetering hotspot and other alternatives works on this same principle.

But the looks and graphics is not g Dec 10, I just dow Feb 27, Im using this app when I bought a smart phone. It takes very less memory in my device and work very fast as possible. Comments Jul 16, This is an app specially designed for mobiles phones to transfer the files in better way. This app transfer the files in amazing speed.

About Flash Transfer

Before sharing app came we share the files by bluetooth and it is very slow and wecan share one by one files. But by using this app we can share multiple Jun 15, Flash transfer is a great app for sharing big files in smart phones. Bluetooth is there for transferring the files.

Flash Transfer - Android Application

We can transfer big files like Movies. May 29, Flash trnasfer is the app that provides you to share the files. You can share your files more faster compare to bluetooth and you can share by just one click.

Flash Transfer App Download

If both are having this app then you can sh Flash transfer is an android app which is used to share files. You can share your files much faster than Bluetooth and it's done in just one shake. What you have to do is Install the app in your android device. The receiver should also have this app, then only you can send files. Initially you ha Comments 1. Mar 16, The concept of flash transfer is good but its give more time to tranfer a file. Today we give more priority to file sharing app Nov 15, Hello friend this app is used for sharing audio video with other mobile without use of inter Internet but the speed of flash transfer is not so good as you can see the speed of shareit the speed of shareit is very nice so in Flash Transfer we require more time to send a video or photo and this a Jun 19, Hello Guys, I have used this Flash Transfer app in my mobile to share data to my friends.

Though it transfers more files very easily when compared to Bluetooth but connecting this to any other device is a very time taking process and mean while we can send our data through any other devices.

Flash Transfer

Feb 08, Data Transfer android applications which is utilized for the information transfer. This applications superseded the Bluetooth. Before this applications Bluetooth sets aside an excessive amount of time for the information transfer. Feb 05, Flash transfer is a apps which help you for transfer files, video with fastest speed. Normally we transfer files through bluetooth but it is too slow. Claim this Business.

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Download Flash Transfer or Xender Transfer for File Sharing on Android

Help us fill the void. Upload a picture! Flash Transfer Location. Submit It is Extremely fast — imagine sending your party video to friends in seconds.

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It Supports group sharing to up to 4 devices and also supports cross platform transfer and sharing between Android and iOS devices. Give us your thoughts by leaving Comments. You must log in to post a comment. Flash Transfer: Previous article. Next article.