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Forgot your password? Android Forums. Support No home screen launcher! Aug 16, 3 I decided to give the Gingerbreak file another shot to see if I could root my Samsung Epic 4G and now I don't seem to have a home screen launcher. I rebooted my phone and everything seems fine. I see the status bar and can see the phone is going through its startup process. When I go to slide the button to get to my home screen it's all black and then I get this force close message; "Sorry!

The application TwLauncher process com. Please try again. I hit that and it just keeps giving me that message. I can still see the status bar with the time, battery, cell bars etc. From there I am able to go into the "Lookout" app but as soon as I try to return to the home screen I keep getting the force close message.

Did this soft brick my phone and what can I do to get it working again if I can. I had been using Go Launcher EX and not the stock launcher but it seems like it wiped out all of my launcher apps.

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Although I can't see anything on the screen its like the phone is working, I just don't have a home screen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Fortunately I had "Battery Notifier" in set up in my status bar. This took me to the main screen and let me cut off TwLauncher! Model Name: GT-I Current version: Cant tell as the English in Kies is terrible. This Cant be Froyo 2.

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Still 2. I have recovered my phone though and its now working so i dont think i will mess with it again until the official one is released. I mean, I have to unmount my external SD card in order to get a decent reaction from Kies recognizing my SGS, have to click FW upgrade, click away backup and wait and eventually it says: NO update: I live in Sweden Nordic country and friends to me have their Samsung galaxy s i updated, but me.

I have downloaded the Android 2. Nothing is happening though…. And of course…. Updated my Galaxy S with the Nordic 2. I had to set the APN settings manually. I still believe my Desire performs better when it comes to starting applications, and obviously the e-mail client is way better on the Desire.

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It comes with WMP11, and installs during the setup. Looking at the UDMF installation logs c: Now, you need to fool windows into thinking that UMDF is not installed on your computer, by renaming some files. What the hell is samsung developer team is doing. You guys should learn from Microsoft team. They release BUG applications but withing few hours they rectify the bug and realse the update patch.

All my installed apps and the userdata was present. Access to the cloud was just fine. So far so good…. Shortly after the update I noticed regular long term hangs. Something like the SGS not responding for minutes or the screen not unlockable. After the factory reset with the flash reformats and data loss the real trouble begun when I reconnected to the cloud.

Only some of my calendars got listed and only roughly the last month of non-repeated calendar entries got synchronized to the SGS. I had to erase the calender app data, the calendar data and calendar sync data a couple of times before I saw all calendars again found tha hint on the Web. Not available in India yet… Guys, any idea when is this update available for India….

I tried 2. Only thing that made me revert to 2. Waiting for The update Arghz… Nope i heard people who used that are gettin slow speed nd no market app thing nd problems. So imma w8 for the official thing,i needed flash desperatley which i got to work in 2. So Official Update come FAst!!!!! I have a galaxy s and updated today in the uk,Thought it would be 2. Samsung seem very reluctant to keep us in the loop as customers of a quite expensive gadget-Big boys toy as to when they will fix some of the software issues we all are experiencing.

Come on, Get your act together. I switched from an iphone to the galaxy s, honestly I think the galaxy and android is a joke, why the hell would I want anything like it? I switch back to the iphone…. True mic. Today got the Update in India.. Updated my Galaxy S and froyo is there is good Phone is fast and working fine.. My GPRS settings have also vanished and now I am not able to access mail…gmail… anyone have any idea how to make the APN settings manually for vodaphone india….

I see no point why one would use this after using an iphone.. I switched back to the iphone..

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I tried an aircel connection and gprs is working fine with that so the issue is not the phone but the operator as far as the gprs is concerned…. I need help. I have Galaxy S. It came with 2. I live in Estonia.

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I have tried many things but nothing. I found another solution from web how to install from 2. After I had installing it I discovered many bugs like: Screen does not act like it should. Freezes all the time. Auto focus does not focus. Macro works ok. Clock every day goes minutes behind. Plays MP3 very low quality. HI mic an frnds yeah alot of custom roms out.

Will upgrade to 2. I updated my Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant to the 2. I have tried to delete as per my other os; however, it will not allow me to do so??? Any ideas? Hi is the Kies 2. Current version PDA: I have seem to have the same problem as Nickola. The 2. You tell her to revert to her stock version — do you mean on the telephone or stock version of Kies? To my knowledge I havent done any updates on the phone, but of Kies I have. Would happy for any help, since 2. I m frm India Mumbai.. Your email address will not be published.

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